I'm so glad you're here.

Welcome to my small business story. My name is Carla Massey. My business was born on the shores of the Great Lakes in the small town of Ludington, MI. I spent the last 10 years growing and managing a successful brick and mortar souvenir store in our popular tourist town. In 2020 I knew I wanted to grow something for myself. I craved a creative outlet and decided I had to bring the products in my head to life. I created a few handcrafted pieces and they quickly disappeared from the shelves, and I realized I needed to a way to offer them to the rest of the USA!

That's when Travelers Trade Post was born. My e-commerce website offers handmade items and products from some of my favorite small businesses.

I specialize in hand stamped metal, creating every piece with my own 2 hands. All my creations are inspired my family, friends, and love for the great outdoors. I create new items as inspiration hits so new arrivals are a constant.  

Owning a small e-commerce website also gave me the opportunity to do something else I'm passionate about: supporting small businesses. Most of my products are sourced from small businesses throughout the USA as well as products from local artists right in my hometown! 

Thank you so much for taking the time and learning about our small business history!