Welcome to Traveler's Trade Post

Our business was born on the shores of the Great Lakes we are home to unique gifts and goodies inspired by our love of the great outdoors.

Hand stamped with love

We create all hand stamped products in house in Ludington, MI! Each piece is unique and one of a kind, hand crafted individually just for you. All designs are influenced by people, moments, and experiences that have shaped our lives. Take a peek and see if one of our designs touches your heart.

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Traveler's Trade Post Creations

Looking for something unique and one of a kind? Traveler's Trade Post makes a variety of our products right here in Ludington, Michigan! We design and carry a wide array of stock products to fit every personality but also can do custom and bulk orders! If you have any requests or questions about our custom work feel free to email us at :


or shoot us a message on facebook: